Made for You.

Value for
Your money.

The best shopping experience.

Made in Africa.

Our Values

WAYA is made for You, for your body, your style and your wallet. When starting WAYA, is was our goal to create a brand that is 100% made for Africa.
While the rest of the world is oversaturated with products and choices, Africa has been left behind when it comes to quality offerings and products. We decided to change that which is why we fully focus on making WAYA a brand that targets the needs of consumers in Africa.

We always appreciate and value feedback highly to make our offering to you better. Please feel free to give us feedback online or offline in case you encounter any issues.

Most of our products are made locally. We commit to creating growth and wealth in Africa, while implementing international production standards on the continent.

We promise to always provide our clothing at fair prices. It is important to us to be competitive with the many offerings that already exist in African cities. We want to 10x the value at the same affordable price: The best products at the best price.

It is our goal to make every customer feel excited and special when shopping at WAYA. We will always do our best to give you the best experience in stores and online. This is why we offer free shipping within cities and a money back guarantee.
In stores, you will always be greeted and consulted at the best of our abilities.

Our Stores

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