Return your items within 5 days

No questions asked!

Exchange or get your money back

Enjoy zero risk.

Take back item in same condition you have bought it

Make sure the item still has the tag.

Return items at any store or online.

Make sure to bring the receipt.


Yes, you can return any item bought in any WAYA store or online within 5 days.

You can get your money back. Otherwise, you can exchange your item for anything else in the store of the same value.

You can return items in any WAYA store or you can reach out to us online.

The items you want to return have to be in the same condition as when you bought them. Make sure they also have their tag attached when you return them. Please bring the receipt as well.

In this case, we cannot guarantee that you can return the items. However, you can visit any store or reach out online and explain your situation. Depending on the item, we might still be able to help you.